eye sex intensified. 

Mirroring is the behavior in which one person copies another person usually while in social interaction with them. It may include miming gestures, movements, body language, muscle tensions, expressions, tones, eye movements, breathing, tempo, accent, attitude, choice of words or metaphors, and other aspects of communication. It is often observed among couples or close friends. [x]

au: Klaus calls Caroline to remind her of something he had said to her a year ago…

Happy 33rd Birthday Joseph Morgan (May 16, 1981).

In case you haven’t heard, my girlfriends and I have declared the summer of 2012 as the best summer ever. The best way to document said “best summer ever” is with a good ol’ disposable camera. Smile, click, move on! Nobody gets pic approval, and there’s no time wasted gathering around the camera to analyze a moment that just happened. Disposable cameras allow you to snap something special without being taken out of the moment. Plus, when your pictures are developed, it’s just like Christmas morning!

Klaroline + Jodice

You get yourself a car? I did get a car.